Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Chase...Without ACME

Wile E. Coyote has always been a favorite of mine.  In college, I thought about getting a tattoo of him with the look on his face just before the anvil falls on his head (With a few more years under my belt, not getting that tattoo was probably a good decision).  In my mind, he's always been a symbol of persistence.  The way I see it, he's just out in search of his dream meal, and he's not afraid to find some creative ways to do it.  (I have a theory that he's actually a product tester for the ACME Corporation--I see no other way that he'd continue to return to the company whose products accordion him, send him over cliffs and explode on him among many other things.  I mean, really--doesn't anyone else sell Rube Goldberg devices??  But I digress.)  As I was saying...the guy's got determination!  No matter how many times he fails, he comes back for another shot at the Roadrunner (or Bugs Bunny in a few episodes, but those were later on).

Some days I definitely feel like I can relate to Wile E. very closely.  I'm not chasing lunch (most of the time), and I don't think that accepting help from the ACME Corporation would be wise, but there are a series of things that I've been chasing for my life.  I'd love to find myself in a job where I can work Monday through Friday.  I'd love to find "Miss Right".  I'd love to find that glimmer of the right idea so I can write the great American novel.  I like to think that I have some Wile E. Coyote at heart inasmuch as I think that I've gone out of my way to find interesting and creative ways to go about achieving these, but I still find myself chasing  (Sadly, I haven't managed to figure out how to effectively stash some of those nifty signs that Wile E. holds up just before he falls).

I remember a cartoon where Wile E. Coyote caught the Roadrunner.  Sort of.  The gag was that the two were running through a series of different-sized pipes and would grow and shrink proportionally to the pipes.  Wile E. Caught up to the Roadrunner at a point where he was about 1/10th the size of his desired meal, leaving him without a clue what to do with that bird he'd been chasing for so long.
Sometimes I wonder what the heck I would do if I managed to catch all these things that I've been chasing.  I don't remember a time where I haven't been pursuing at least a couple of those goals  (Sometimes I wonder if the ACME Corporation might be able to help me, but that thought usually passes quickly).  I think my favorite coyote's second sign poses a good question under those circumstances.  Now what do I do?  I'm willing to keep chasing in hopes of finding out.

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