Thursday, December 15, 2011

Doing Nothing

I've made a discovery recently: I don't do nothing very well anymore  (Yes--the double negative is intentional).  I used to be able to have a day off where I accomplished absolutely nothing useful.  Generally, it would be a day of some combination of sleep, tv, video games, and surfing the internet.  And perhaps feeding myself at some point along the way.  I wouldn't do that every day off, but it was a nice feeling when I had one of those days occasionally.

These days, much as I'd like to, I just can't do that anymore.  I don't know whether it's age, maturity, or something else, but I can't bring myself to that kind of laziness on a day off unless I'm sick.  I know that not getting that kind of day is a fact of life for my friends with kids, but I'm still single and childless!  These days, 8:00 in the morning is sleeping in (I'm normally up a little before 6 for work).  I don't have cable, so there isn't a whole lot to sit and watch during the day.  No video game has caught my attention recently.  And while there are new, interesting corners of the internet developing every day, my patience for sitting in front of a computer screen has dwindled.    

The inability to have that kind of day hasn't taken away my interest in having that kind of day.  I won't want to do some of the things around the house that need to be done on those days.  So I find myself walking in circles--I don't want to watch TV, so I'll go into the kitchen and realize that dishes need to be washed...and that clearly needs to be avoided.  So I'll walk down to the office and check my e-mail, but realize that I don't want to deal with the bills to be paid.  So I'll head into the bedroom, look at the pile of laundry to be done and back away slowly.  So I'll walk back to the living room and reaffirm that I don't want to watch TV, and the circle begins again.  If I'm not careful, that circle of going up and down the stairs will count as exercise and completely defeat the purpose of the do-nothing day!

Clearly I need to find a better way of doing nothing. 


  1. I have never been doing good at doing nothing. Now that I do have all ruses kids, when I have a chance to do nothing I LOVE it, but maybe that is because it only happens once a year....

  2. I know I need to appreciate the ability to do nothing. I'm still holding on to that slim hope of having kids of my own at some point and I know that option disappears once that happens!